Paul Octavian Stănescu




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Date personale, studii, specializari



2001 – 2005

Doctor Inginer in Inginerie Chimica

1998 – 1999

Master in Inginerie Chimica

1993 – 1998

Inginer chimist



Functii didactice, profesionale



2013 – present



Universitatea POLITEHNICA Bucuresti


2006 – 2013


Sef Lucrari

Universitatea POLITEHNICA Bucuresti


1998 – 2006



Universitatea POLITEHNICA Bucuresti



Activitate profesionala


Activitate de cercetare


- Comportamentul reologic al polimerilor termoplastici (cu deosebire petnru polietilena ramificata)

- Hidrogeluri pentru aplicatii farmeceutice si agricole

- Studiul cinetic pe procesele termice ale polimerilor folosing metode isoconversionale

- Materiale composite bazate pe poliesteri microbiali/bacterial celulozici pentru ingineria tesuturilor


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Lucrari publicate ( selective )





„Polymer packaging for food”, P. Stănescu, D. Teodorescu, Gh. Hubca, Ed. Matrix Rom, 2010 (ISBN: 978-973-755-609-7)


" Technologies for synthetic elastomers obtaining", Gh. Hubca, P. Stănescu, Iuliana Niţă, Ed. SemnE, 2005 (ISBN: 973-624-330-3)





M. Teodorescu, B. Cursaru, P.O. Stanescu, “Swelling and diffusion characteristics of hydrogels synthesized from diepoxy-terminated poly(ethylene glycol)s and aliphatic polyamines”, Soft Materials, 2010, 8 (3), pp. 288-306


M. Teodorescu, P.O. Stanescu, H. Iovu, C. Draghici, “Free radical polymerization of vinyl acetate in the presence of liquid polysulfides”, Reactive & Functional Polymers, 2010, 70, pp. 419-425


M. Teodorescu, A. Lungu, P.O. Stanescu, C. Neamţu, Preparation and properties of novel slow-release NPK agrochemical formulations  based on  poly(acrylic acid) hydrogels and liquid fertilizers, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 2009, 48 (14), pp. 6527–6534


J.C. Majeste, C. Carrot, P.O. Stanescu, C. Mardon, An Algorithm Based on Simple Rules for the Determination of the Architecture of Branched Polymer Molecules from the Number of Branching Points per Molecule, Macromol. Theory Simul. 2007, 16, 240–246


P. Stănescu, J.C. Majeste, C. Carrot, Modeling of the linear viscoelastic behavior of low-density polyethylene, Journal of Polymer Science. Part B: Polymer Physics, 2005, 43 (15), 1973 – 1985


J.C. Majeste, C. Carrot, P. Stănescu, From linear viscoelasticity to the architecture of highly branched polyethylene, Rheologica Acta, 2003, 42 (5), 432 - 442


Proiecte de cercetare



Director proiect - Innovative polyester/bacterial cellulose composites for biomedical engineering - PNII-PCCA (2012-2015)


Director proiect - Modelling of the non-linear viscoelastic behavior of the low density polyethylene – CNCSIS AT (2006 - 2007)


Director proiect Micro and nanocomposites based on polyether-polyols – CEEX ET (2006 - 2008)


Responsabil din partea UPB - Advanced ecological nanostructured materials, for long term applications on wood and metal - CEEX P-CD (2006 - 2008)


Responsabil din partea UPB - Development of new technologies for the obtaining of non-asbestos fireproof materials coated with elastomers for coverings and thermal isolations -  CEEX P-CD (2006 - 2008)



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